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suffers from arthritis or joint pain knows exactly what i'm talking about. i bet most of you believe that once that pain starts, it just gets worse and worse, right? >> audience: right. >> wrong. there are foods that contain hidden nutrients that can give your body the tools it needs to help fight the effects of arthritis and joint pain. this nutriblast contains the vitamin c brothers-- lemon and lime-- the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, found in grapefruit and pineapple, apples with their malic acid, which cuts right into arthritis, the anti-inflammatory omega-3 inside the flax seeds, and my personal favorite, turmeric. turmeric is probably the most powerful anti-inflammatory food you can find in your local grocery store. you ready to try this? >> woman: yes. >> you just make and you drink. so easy. so let's give it a try. >> woman: o.k. >> wow, that's powerful. i don't know if you guys know this, but both my parents are medical doctors. my mom told me that health is our greatest asset. >> woman: absolutely. >> so, let's toast to the best health ever-- cheers. >> bravo. >> chee
happened to my cell phone; i wonder what happened to my luggage; i bet my mom is mad at me; boy, am i hungry; boy, am i tired; cocaine.'" it wasn't like he couldn't remember cocaine anymore. it's just that cocaine went from being all he could think about to be just another thing on the list. >> the first prometa patients were treated in 2003. now 70 doctors offer prometa and about 2,500 addicts have had the therapy. we met some of them at dave smart's apartment. matt wild lost an eye in a meth lab explosion, but he didn't stop using until prometa. >> i just don't got no cravings. i mean, it's--personally for me, it's a wonder drug. i mean, i've been addicted to it for 30-some years. >> his wife melanie couldn't stop either. you went to prison three times. >> yeah. >> you got burned in a meth fire. >> yes. >> and none of that... >> i lost my children. my children were seven, six, and two. i couldn't even stay clean then, as much as i love my children. >> the state took her children. melanie says after she was burned in the fire, she left the hospital burn unit to go straight to her met
it in his car. - no, but i've signed millions of those. - [chuckling] i'll bet you have. - mr. monk, thank you for being here. - and you never saw this guy before? - no. maybe. i meet a lot of people. - yeah, we know. we read the book. maybe you should have called your friend bob denver. - mr. monk. i'm so sorry. he's never really read anything like that before. - can i take her home now? - yeah. we'll bring the car around front. we'll deal with this tomorrow. - i'm sorry to disappoint you, mr. monk. - is it true, the things in the book? the things--things you did? - not the whole truth. - i knew it. i knew it. thank god. - i mean, i've done a lot worse. i mean, stuff i couldn't even write about. i was young, mr. monk. weren't you young once? right? maybe you weren't. but you've been lonely. i can tell. i was just a girl, mr. monk. just a girl, trying to be a little less lonely. - i don't have a lot of happy memories. watching that show was about it. now it's gone. - well, if that's true, i'm really sorry. can you forgive me? - no. - don't be mad. i know how you hate surprises, so i'm just
and a roster on december 1. there's no way. go to vegas. bet on it. >> and yes, now you redeemed yourself. >> see you at 11:00. good night. ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
'm still going to be out there and this weekend, i went to a bet thing and so who knows what my next ventures will be and i still have my oslo and scandinavian -- a farmling community in the central valuegee and so i think i is it have -- so if you are thinking what am i doing going to loss oh, in the middle of winter., you know i saw a film and never scoped my interest in scandinavian culture and is that doesn't take away at all to my comment and being proud of being latin and sevenning the latin community this past year and so i'm grateful to my supporter and is grateful to the residents of district five and i love the city and happy to have had the opportunity to serve on this board. a. (applause). . >> thank you supervisor olague. our final accommodation of the day will be to our second colleague local be leaving us today although he know he is not going far sean i have to say when i read the resolution that was draft of the to you today i was honestly blown away by how much you have done over the whereas and supervisor elsburnd has served for the past 12 years to superviso
, hardwood floor, that is a decision i would not make that bet on. it is an aesthetic thing. >> do byers asked about screeng -- green? >> not yet. >> it is coming. >> we have with us in the audience a couple of folks from the department of the environment. barry, what do you have to add? >> one is the exciting actions the association of realtors has been taking, to be the first and the california to provide space in their database for industry standard, recognized green measures. aside from cork flooring or other surface treatments, which are a consideration, a buyer could have summary information about if the home has been measured for energy performance, and has some independent organization confirmed that you have actually installed -- that there is a reason to call it green. that has only been out there few months. another metric of the fact that could have on the market when that becomes a little more populated in the database would be looking at whether that affects the days on the market, which i would expect to be more likely a factor of change, because if you are filtering your
girl and a supervisor of san francisco, i bet that you will be able to tell which one is which. >> the 10-year-old girl is the president of her class at her elementary school and the larger person is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in gramic of the sisters of loreto my wish is that we achieve marriage equality in every state and we resend doma on the federal level to achieve full quality for lesbian and gay relationships across the land. >> i wish that the bees were not dying from. >> that is a good one. >> my hope is for improved economic conditions for my country's most vulnerable people that we create healthy environments and green spaces and by country men and women become fully conscious of their ability to change things for the better. >> baptist from haiti. my wish is for more justice, economic as well as social justice, starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin. >> i wish for wish for a world withou
cents, energy bear, efy, outperforming today the leveraged etf makes a triple bearish bet on energy market, a trifecta if you like. sandra: a new report out from fannie mae giving a lift to two housing-related plays, sill yo and trillo. 40% of the people think home prices will go up in the new year. >>> earnings season about to kick off. we have an analyst from thomson reuters with three stocks, he said, ashley will beat. he has three stocks that he thinks will beat earnings estimates. they may surprise you. ashley: get a pen and paper. write them down. the college bowl season reaching its pique as noter -- peak as notre dame takes on alabama. would that be better or worse for business though? we'll investigate. sandra: we certainly will. first we'll take, tell you what drove the markets today with today's data download. stocks falling with all three major averages closing lower as investors get ready for tomorrow's start of fourth quarter earnings season, everybody. s&p index retreating from a five-year high to end in the red. utilities and energy was the day's worst-performing sec
around. - i don't have any cause, dolly. it's only been four days. - come on, i will bet you a slice of your award-winning pecan pie that next week she shows up with a new boyfriend or a new tattoo or both. it is gonna work itself out, i promise. it always does. [sighs] everybody's business is everybody else's business. that's why we live here, i guess. so, how can i help you, mister, um... - monk. adrian monk. - mr. monk. - i was at a wedding last night in montville with my assistant. and we were driving home and the car broke down. it was about a mile north of here. there was a bridge. - yeah, west creek bridge. - well, i saw something. - okay. - in...in the sky. - ah. - yeah, it--it was about 10:30 p.m. and it was all lit up. it was hovering there. and, uh, and it went zipping around. - you saw a ufo? - no. no, i didn't say that. - oh. [clears throat] so, uh, was it an object? - yes. - uh, could you identify it? - no, no. - no. and it was flying. - yes. - you add that all up, mr. monk, you've got yourself a ufo. - okay, look. all i'm asking is this: did anyone else see anything la
% cheap to the u.s. i think not only is china a great place, probably a safer bet than being in parts of the u.s. market and parts of europe. >> although i think it's a trade rather than an investment. >> i would hold the water on that. >> i think that we learned last week the dangers of being out of the u.s. market to some degree. we're with you. we're overweight emerging markets in here. and we see it. but i don't think we should underestimate the opportunities in the u.s. market at least by year end. >> maybe. but when you look at what's going on in washington, i mean, sure. you can call the back and forth nonsense and i agree with you. but the fact is something gets cut. so money stops going into certain areas. we are going to see only cuts as sort of an agreement around this debt ceiling. so does that impact certain sectors and earnings? >> maybe. but we're a wash in liquidity again. we're in that type of market. >> yes. >> i think the economy is going to end up being far stronger than people realize. that will take over and overtake the fiscal austerity. however we get there, i
a bet. >> dana: what i do, i judge by mascots and i do my rock paper scissors, can than elephant beat an irish man. >> one more thing, up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ú0 ♪ ♪ >>> time now for one look, i can't leave it alone. >> tell me about it. [ laughter ] >> that is really sweet, greg. >> i want to talk about paul krugman, latest column, outside man, read the first sentence. yes, i've heard about the notion i should be nominated as treasury-secretary. i'm flattered but it really is a bad idea. so the self-absorbed chuckle bucket goes on without mentioning who actually discussed nominating him. maybe his cats or multiple personalities. i was also nominated for secretary of defense and secretary of state but i'm not a secretary, it's demeaning. >> what are you talking about. >> this is true story. >> first of all, i thought that article was from the onion, but its really idea... but he didn't say it. >> watching football last night. i caught some of the huckabee show and saw this piece called invisible thread about 11-year-old panhandler and met a busy stuff. they have a book out. he tal
the rest of it. - you wanna bet? - i have to know. - no, mr. monk, please. mr. monk, please. - it's my book. let me see it. let me see it! what are you doing? - it's for your own good. - that's $87. is this mastercard or-- - do you take cash? - sure, yeah, cash will do. - 85, 86, 87. - great. do i know you? - no, you do not. - okay, room eight is just up those stairs. [gunshots] hello, i'm at the safari inn near the airport. somebody's been shot.
. so as eliza said, the betting odds that they will not stand up to the challenge by the same court that threw out their previous rules. reclassification is still an option. i would not be surprised if the rules were struck down if the fcc under genachowski chose to reclassify still. but regardless, i think chairman genachowski, what he chooses to do and if he leaves, who the chowzs to replace him will really define the president's legacy on tech and telecom issues. >> reclassification would be a huge political -- [inaudible] it's not just about the issue is whether net neutrality is a small issue compared to the power of -- if the fcc reclassifies what they consider the internet, they would now have the power to regulate it in the way old telephone companies could sort of set prices. and it's much more control that the fcc would have, and i think lawmakers would, they would freak out over if the fcc tried to do that. at every hearing when the commissioners are before congress, even when that's not the subject, it still comes up. they haven't closed the docket, and the democrats usu
use them, you're betting against the odds. the shooter in newtown, connecticut, got those guns from his home, legally purchased firearms. we took 2 96 guns off the street here thankful to dr. joe marshall and omega boys club. over 150 handguns, almost 150 rifles and shotguns, these are not what people keep saying aren't going to make a difference. this is absolutely making a difference. and i would say to the nra or anybody that says, hey, this isn't the problem, if it's not the problem, it will make a difference, it should make a difference banning them. let's err on the side of caution, keep the kids safe. thank you. >> let me also echo again my appreciation for commissioner dr. joe marshall because omega boys club has been a great partner. they are part of our effort to organize commutes, to intervene as early as we can, and i totally agree with the chief that these particular guns, if you look at them up front and close, you'll see they really shouldn't be in anybody's homes. they're designed to kill folks. many of them military style. i think to bring home the real story here i
a safe bet. you know the public spending is not resolved yet. the debt ceiling has still to be tackled. in the euro area, i can't believe appreciate politicians are going to keep quiet through 2013. i guess the key thing is, what do you do for those setbacks? for us, we would look to trade those setbacks positively. so we're looking for an opportunity to move into equities in particular, not netsly to restreet for them. okay. so are you suggesting -- i mean, the number of people are saying, look, the next month or so, we get a green light and we're going into earnings season. we get a green light for equities. and companies are going to be fundamentally supported. so they're going to -- particularly in spain, use their cash to keep buying back stocks. >> i think they will. i think they'll buy back their stocks, they'll pay bigger dif dens. as confidence comes back, they'll buy each other. so the takeover story will gather momentum. they may even start investing in more fixed assets and generally, you know, expanding their businesses. i think all those things will happen. don't get me w
that you and i probably aren't betting people, right? >> i don't know. we may be. off the air i may send you an e-mail. what's your prediction? do you have a score for me? you did last week. >> this is going to be a team of defenses. i'm thinking low-scoring game. not too high scoring. i'll go with 21-20 the irish of notre dame. >> all right. loving that. i'm going to join you on that. former player with the atlantic falcons and buffalo bills, we're going to talk to you at 6:00. berman is going to have a hand. he does not like notre dame. prepare yourself. >> arm wrestle. >> that's a great idea with a former nfl player. let's around wrestle. thank you. >>> turning to some new developments this hour in the explosive rape case that's consuming the countries town of steubenville. lawyers want their client's trial postponed and moved out of the area. so much emotion. defense attorney adam nemann sees no other choice. >> given the publicity and what we perceive as threats to individuals, witnesses and also defendants, and defense counseling, we're concerned about safety issues at this point.
. it is all hagel all the time. it is as close as you get in washington, d.c. to a safe bet. john brennan a lot of experience within the cia. he has developed a very good relationship with obama and the white house over the past few years. in a sense, they are choosing the safe road because i think they understand they are in for a bit of a battle with hagel. connell: they may have nominated brennan in the fast. the technique came up and they did not want to go through it. apparently, now they are okay going through it. >> i think in a sense it is a passage of time. i think they probably would have gotten the nod before. you have this bizarre story that is been brought up as a result of the release of that film. it is a bit of a name issue. connell: what did you think of the movie? >> it is good entertainment. hollywood does what hollywood does. they make some choices. they have strong leads. it is good entertainment. that part of it is that the senators seem to be mistaking entertainment for reality. what this film is depicting as it does not match our perception. connell: it does show p
football. also tended the summer olympics in london and made a bet with former president bill clinton on the ryder cup, which he paid up for, by the way. this year i talked to the biggest names in sports about what it takes to be the very best and what it feels like to be a world champion. >> what a moment for you, huh, the green jacket. can i touch it? >> go ahead. >> how does it feel? >> feels nice. >> how does it really feel to be bubba watson right now? >> it's overwhelming, people like yourself wanting to talk to me. for me to come to new york and do these interviews and meet you for the first time, it's a special time. >> why have you given me the big, exclusive interview. somebody has told me a rather unnerving reason why. >> because when you were on this other show, "america's got talent," you were a [ bleep ], so i wanted to come here and make fun of you just like you make fun of everybody else. >> i heard that's a reason. that's genuinely why, isn't it? i'm a [ bleep ]. >> exactly. >> i don't care how we got you here. i'll take it. >>> how hard is it for people who have been
already been slated for demolition. bet they are mad. >> time for your brew on the questions of the day. flight attendants were sharing secrets like always serving decaf coffee. we asked for your responses: of course they have tricks of the trade, who doesn't. i said to the attendant she could upgrade me. she produced a new seat assignment for me in the front cabin. gate agents can produce upgrade if the reasons are right. thanks for that response. >> never hurts to ask. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> good morning. happy new year. today is monday, january 7. lots of people going back to work today. hope you're going to have a great one. i'm gretchen carlson. president obama rumored to pick chuck hagel as the new leader of defense but he's already receiving criticism from his own party especially after controversial comments about israel. >>brian: these streets were supposed to be named after war heroes so how did local politicians end up getting the streets named after them instead? we'll tell you why. straight ahead. >>brian: check what's left of this car. who
to that? is it off the table? >> of course it's not off the table. what mcconnell is betting on is that americans are going to forget all of those cuts in spending the last time we did this and thought oh, okay, the republicans are give on taxes this time. you've got to have all of these things on the table if they have any hope. everything will have to be on the table. it is interesting. they seem to have a problem with that mat mat kal issue all of the time. >>> nia and michelle, thank you both for your time tonight. >>> still ahead, paul ryan votes to let sandy victims suffer without relief money. but he wasn't always so cold. we have a hi pock ra si alert coming. plus, secretary of state hillary clinton back to work together but we're still walting for the apology e polg at the claims he'll question or he'll miss,even for them, ilgts's really lame. you're watching "politics nation" right here on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] shift the balance of power decisively in your favor. the exclusive 8-speed transmission and rotary shifter in the 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move h
in. amazon is just a phenomena. and so many people bet against it. and it has been a terrible bet. >> even with sales tax being paid in many jurisdictions. it was a concern for so long, but it doesn't seem to -- >> it was a bear. >> we should point out before we get to bob pisani, lumina shares down about 9% this morning. the chairman saying at -- roach, excuse me, which we knew had made a hostile bid afforded by lumina last year. that laroche saying they had no interest at this point in pursuing that acquisition. you may recall, those shares rallied sharply towards the end of the year on a french newspaper report that at the time i said i was completely unfamiliar with anything going on there -- >> you said, don't trust it. which was a great call. >> thanks. >> do not trust it. >> it did move the stock up a lot. a lot of that and more being taken out today on that news on i illlumina. >> i like that. one of the things that is disturbing to me is there have been so many articles in papers, local papers, best buy. i often find, just an observation, that the newspapers tend not to g
% and you see that number grow. i would bet my left arm by the end of his presidency will be talking about the top 5% or the top 10% and that number will keep growing because the problem with socialism and those many states believe you will see running out of other peoples pes money, that is the problem. melissa: that is always what happens in the end. why is the value-added tax a bad idea? for some it might just seem like another sales tax. it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem, why is a value-added tax not a good idea? >> i don't think it is a bad idea that replaces the tax. it is better to raise taxes through consumption than taxing income and investments. the problem is it will not replace the income tax, that will be on top of the income tax and that is going to be the problem growing government instead of addressing the real problem, which is spending. president obama wants to protect middlthe middle class from highr taxes. the ways to protect them from bigger government because the middle class has to pay for big government and we are running huge deficits the federal reserve
a secret? you bet. and that's why i'm here today to share that secret with you. >> announcer: could a natural wellness drink really help people with painful symptoms like chronic neck and back pain, swollen joints and muscle aches? or how about even sinus infections, skin disorders respiratory problems and more? on today's show, the new and natural anti-inflammatory wellness drink that's changing people's lives. then travel to los angeles, california, for an intimate interview with legendary super model and entrepreneur cheryl tiegs as she reveals her own painful battle with chronic inflammation. >> the truth is, my hip got so bad, i stopped hiking. i would wake up in the morning and i wanted to do that exercise, but i thought, my hip is going to hurt at the end of the night and i wouldn't be able to sleep, so i stopped hiking. >> announcer: and how the natural anti-inflammation drink made from the nopal cactus in the sonoran desert helped her get back to the life she loves. >> but now i can do everything i love. i can do yoga, i can hike, i can walk, i can do the stadium steps tota
of t on that night. my point was he didn't care enough -- >> i bet -- >> i want to go -- >> -- about conversations he had with the president and so on. i happen to think john boehner is -- deserves more credit than he's getting. >> i like boehner, too, but i think he's overwhelmed by the right. we grew up in a country where there was claf ford case from new jersey, hugh scott in pennsylvania, schweiker from pennsylvania and you can wiker from connecticut and ed brook from massachusetts and up and down the -- all these republicans from the northeast. they're blown away. the only person left i think is susan collins now. so what's wrong? what happened to the republican party of the northeast? the people watching tv right now, by the way. >> we have to be a party that focuses on the issues that bind us together, and they're not the social issues. . a national party has got to give a member of congress or the senate the ability to represent their constituency and a party that denies them that opportunity, they're not going to get elected. >> chris, you can't overstate the problem the rep
of the highest approval ratings in the obama administration, and people are taking bets far and wide about whether or not she's going to come back for that white house run. >> thomas, there's no doubt that after the secretary takes some time off and decides whether or not she wants to reoh merge in a more political capacity, the fact is that her legacy is far greater than benghazi. i mean, after all, four years of her traveling around the world resolving many an issue, she has reinstalled the art of diplomacy back in the state department. there's no doubt that when you look at the four corners over four years benghazi, while it clearly was just a terrible incidents to occur on her watch, the fact is when you put that in the context of her -- a legacy of great achievement as a secretary of state i'm quite convinced that the secretary, if she decides, whatever she decides to do, benghazi may be a bremish, but in the context of that great record it will just be a small part of it. >> ambassador mark beginsberg, great to see you today. >> good to be where you. >> that's going to wrap things up
. and that continues today. i think 2013 will be a continuation of that trend. but it will switch focus. i bet the biggest gains will be in the regional banks like the ones we featured so many times on this show. first horizon, the tennessee-based regional or bb&t which could be a southeastern powerhouse this year. these companies have so many things going for them in 2013. chief of which, though, is the potential for actual revenue growth. we all know that this net interest margin bugaboo will be with us for some time if the feds keep the rates low. i'm predicting here and now the actual construction in small business lending by these banks could back -- could come back at the same time when the banks' investments that are on their balance sheets are resurgent. and the liabilities including the kind that bank of america put behind it today with its offloading of hard mortgages with fannie mae are in the rearview mirror. meaning legal liabilities, not the deposits that they owe you. consider this the year when loan growth trumps the scant amount that may actually be made on each loan, although
in bonds this year, our next guest says the most bullish bet may come down to one single word. housing. >> pimco's mark keisel joins us now. he was named morning star's bond fund manager of 2012 just last week. mark, good to see you. and congratulations. bob pisani only joining us. mark, let's talk about that. first, congrats on this terrific naming from morning star. why housing? what's the bond play? >> i think the bond play is that there are several companies in the housing sector that can benefit from really strong cash flow growth. housing is in the beginning stages of a multi-year expansion. we're likely to see growth of 20% to 30% growth for companies. that will lead to credit upgrades for companies. there are many companies in housing that will benefit. you want to own them on the bond side. >> mark, you had a good year. good to see you again. saw you last week out at morning star. had a great year last year. up 15% in your fund. how much more difficult is it going to be to make money in fixed income this year and beyond housing how are you going to try and do it? >> good quest
out on appeal, and he went to prison relinquished his famous to pay, what he called his bets coral. he did his time. he came out and he went on talk radio expects -- talk-radio. he went from being a political figure to being that uncle you have around on holidays. most of the people in providence who live to when the data presented now live here when he went to prison which says something about the remarkable transformation of the city. a lot more latino voters, young voters demonstrative population, and the city has really changed. his succession, the mayor that followed him was the first openly gay mayor of a large american city, david selene, who is now in congress. the mayor who followed him is in office now, the city's first hispanic mayor. reflecting that population. buddy, i compare him to a huey long in the sense that he -- they were both of you know, incredibly charismatic figures. they were both politicians who were beloved in spite of their flaws commencement of the corruption that went on in their administration who had a real populist evangelical fervor about them that spo
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getting in shape. i will bet on alabama. >> onto hockey. is this finally for the players. it is finally for the fans and all the concession workers, waiters, and waitresses that work nearby. final >> finally i one of these guys will is not a gigantic hockey fan however you have something to watch. i will be curious to see if there is any, i know the fans are ready if they were aill boo the guys a little bit. >> i think most people blame the owners. this is the third strike in the last 10 + years. >> it is 10 years and they can get out after a period >> from an entertainment standpoint there will be something to watch every night. i am curious, the tickets are not cheap. these people in this regard your feelings for a few months. i will be curious to see the reaction when they come back. what is it the 19th? >> does hockey even madder until the playoffs anyway? >> they say that about the nba to. >> the 49ers tickets will go on sell at 10:00 a.m. at ticketmaster. >> good luck getting one. >> thank you gary. we will be right ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irr
carol, because you could bet that the networks would change if it turned audiences off. >> these shows make heroes out of serial killers, in to the interesting characters that we're supposed to really like in a way but hate at the same time. >> yeah. there is this sympathetic factor and it sort of goes, or flies in the face of how we think we should be thinking about the people that do the things they do. >> at least in "the chain saw massacre" the guy pays in the end in some way. >> right, right. the audience, as well. with it coming at you in 3d. >> i can't -- i have to close my eyes in that movie. let's end on something sort of kind of maybe uplifting. mariah carey, her ex-husband drama. not uplifting. >> maybe not. tommy mottol and mariah carey has been divorced for 15 years. he has a new book out and we get his take on mariah's success and what part he played in that. he claimed some credit for her career and i think he rightfully can saying that carey has incredible talent but if he wasn't there to drive her and hadn't been so controlling, she would never have achieved the succes
have a bet with steve for a buck on that. >> steve: you owe me. >> gretchen: she hasn't testified yet. >> steve: she will. >> gretchen: california couple thought hundreds of love letters they wrote to each other were gone forever after a trunk containing them was stolen 50 years ago. the trunk ended up in the hands of a stamp collector whose son eventually tracked the couple down. >> he brings back all those memories. >> it's a very emotional for us. brings back, as she says, marvelous memories of getting the letters, of times lived. >> gretchen: they have been married for 70 years. they say they hope to reread the letters again. those are your headlines. >> steve: joining us to talk about his love letters, not, donald trump, author of "time to get tough." hello, how are you? >> good morning. >> steve: there is the book there. gretch led our news with the fact that president obama is going to nominate chuck hagel as secretary of defense. he's got baggage, though. we've got something, we're going to play a snippet for you of something he said back in 2006. i'm going to read it to you.
of 3.1. i bet nobody out there knows the u.s. economy is now growing faster than average. that's why the stock market is up. i mean i think it's that simple. i think we get bogged down in what's going on in washington. and as jim said we take a very short-term view, what's going to happen in the next, you know, three months, two months. and we forget to look at what's actually happening in the economy. the economy is not strong in an absolute sense. but it continues to improve. that's why the stock market is up. and there's very little to say right now that that's going to change. >> it's going down isn't it, this next quarter? >> it's distracting 2%. >> i'm just saying that point alone, you think about industrial production is now up in like 28 of 32 industries in the united states. things like that. i don't think people -- >> it's well below, though, and the 3.1 was an outlier, wasn't it? >> it was. >> the people that say new normal -- >> look at what you're saying. i give you a good number you come back to me with a negative side of it. my point is that's how people are trained ri
and he's also very smart. brooklyn is the hottest story in the nba this year. $1 billion bet in terms of the arena, in terms of revitalizing that area of brooklyn and he is the reason. he is the reason, in some ways, that the nets, he was the one that committed to it. mark cuban judging one of the judges in the sports category. he turned down mark cuban's millions, even though he's from dallas, to say i'll try to put my money on brooklyn and try to lead it. very impressive guy. came to our office, very smart, but not very tall. >> do you have a favorite on this list? somebody to look for? >> besides, you have to look at our cover star, david karp. 26. his company only has revenues of $13 million, but one of the top ten web destinations. biggest than microsoft bing. he started it because he wanted something pretty. he didn't think the web worked right and started this blog tumblr and now has 18 million page views a month and just did it, again, because he saw something nobody else did. why can't we build a website that people can put pictures on and make it a pretty canvass. he's all t
people are wondering bets b what's going to happen. >> justin bieber, this was kind of a surprising picture. there's a photo that tmz had. if you look closely it looks like he is smoking something. >> tmz claims he is smoking marijuana in this picture. >> he is holding something. >> he is holding something in his hand. there's no way you can actually tell what's going on here. however, what's nice news is that a couple of days ago justin did a concert in utah, and before the concert he went to a hospital to see a young fan of his that has been battling leukemia for three years and -- he does not do this because of these pictures. he has been doing this for a long time. he doesn't tell the press about it. the only reason we know is that they took a picture in her hospital room. she put it on facebook. >> his mom, patty is a dear, dear faithful lady who has raised him under really extraordinary circumstances. >> absolutely. >> he knows what's right and wrong, and he said that -- >> he tweeted. >> yeah. >> he is on the right path. we have nothing to worry about there. >> bethenny frank
along in spite of that. i prefer the bet that we did make. i'm all in favor of getting the japanese to pay more. and by the way, i'm proud of the fact that when i was undersecretary for mr. cheney, we got our allies to pay the entire $55 billion cost of desert storm. we didn't pay a nickel of added cost. we actually had a net positive balance of payments that year, as a matter of fact. and it took some rather heavy diplomacy with the japanese. but, by the way, one reason we were successful was because the japanese needed us. the people in the persian gulf are too weak to manage on their own, they need us. i think they're not quite sure whether we'll be there when they do need us. but the fact that we have been there almost ever since b the british abandoned aiden is the fact that there has been no serious -- [audio difficulty] since that 1973 oil embargo is because we have been there and because we were there when saddam invaded kuwait. i really worry the are e balancing -- the rebalancing may really be a pivot as was originally described, and that we will move from the middle east,
serious adverse effects on dod readiness even as the face some complex security challenges. i bet even mentioned the destruction that sequestration may cause -- i have not even mentioned in the destruction that sequestration may cause. we face uncertainty. we face costs and risks. i am reminded of a story that captures this in a light turnout. it is about -- in a lighter note. it is about a speaker. as someone to come up. i have 3 challenge -- questions for you. imagine there is a 40 foot long that is 6 inches high. [inaudible] it is the same being but strung between 240 buildings. i will give the $100 to walk across it. but that's all i'm going to die. the third question is same as being, 40 story building. i have one of your three children in my whole and. if you do not walk across a i'm going to walk across the children. do you take a chance inde? >> we're going to take you live to the east room of the white house for an announcement by president obama. >> as president and commander in chief, my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. we have met that responsi
: thank you. >> host: i bet you haven't seen him with him with the green tie. [laughter] i think there's a football game in washington d.c.. >> caller: we are very excited about the game. >> guest: let me explain the rain tie. that is the only game that matters to me so that is why i'm wearing the green tie. i'm not going to the game. >> caller: a lot going on in football this year. i was calling because you know, we have been kind of having the same fights since i was young. we have all known about the three problems that we have -- do not problems but the biggest amount of spending, medicaid and medicare and social security, which doesn't add to our deficit which we understand. social security is taken out. i make 40 grand a year and i don't mind the tax but the republicans and the democrats, they really have to just, just sit down and do it. none of them want to deal with their particular decisions. republicans, most of them -- [inaudible] we have to cut our defense. we spend more money than the top 10 countries behind his combine. there has got has got to be a better way to do it.
programs. you do a pretty good job. host: i bet you haven't seen him with a green tie. i know there's a game in baltimore today. i think there's a football game in washington, d.c. caller: we are very excited about the game. host: let me explain the green tie. guest: notre dame is playing in alabama and that is the only game that matters to me. that is why i'm wearing and i'm going to the game. caller: ravens have a game, too. a lot of story lines in football this year. i was calling because, you know, we have been continued of having the same fights since i was young. we have all known about the three problems that we have -- not problems -- the biggest amounts of spending. defense, medicaid, medicare and social security, which doesn't add to our deficit. social security is taken out. i don't mind paying taxes. but the republicans and democrats, they really have to just sit down and deal with it. none of them want to deal with their particular constituency. republicans, you know, most of them are aligned to defense. we have to cut our defense. we spend more money than all the top 1
. they have to figure it out. >> jordan, i think we have to wait to see. my money -- if i was a betting man, my money would be on alabama but jordan, you could be right. notre dame fighting irish could be the big one here. >> bill says he is leaning towards notre dame because they have touchdown jesus which i respond by saying god coaches the alabama crimson tide. >> i do think it's going to be a great game, guys. >> i do, too. i don't think it's going to be as close or as of a blowout as some sportswriters say. tide going to blow them out? >> jordan thank you for being on the bill press show. >> we will be right back on the bill press show after this break. don't go anywhere. [ music ] >> heard around the country, and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show." @Ñhd armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action them
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